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Bringing Visions to Reality

     creating awareness

     building connectivity

     finding humanity


About Us

Our Team

Dr. Stacy Leigh Scott, President 

David M. Kozol, Chief Operating Officer 

Robson Ramos, Executive Vice President - Brazil 

Sheila Mobley, Director of Marketing and Events

Maegan Scott, Director of Strategy

Joshua Faden, Director of Product Design

Sonya Temko, Research Coordinator

Karen Melchior, Web Coordinator

Our History

Emerging from our relationships, we share a vision for finding our hidden humanity in a changing world.


Intelligens Business Group, Brazil

The Peace Institute, U.S., Italy

The Center for Understanding Equity, U.S.

The 1ReSource

Our Mission

Guiding communities and organizations:

·       to be effective in the current and future economic environment


·       to create awareness that results in change and effective decisions


·       to create human connection that brings people together changing the world


·       to assess and research ethics, health and environmental issues to spur innovation and effectiveness


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Global Sustainable, Inc

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